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"Due to Covid 19 pandemic, we are following complete precautionary measures in our business"

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EZ-Moving Company Winnipeg

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Choosing a reputable local or long-distance moving company in Winnipeg can be difficult and frightening. EZ moves is the most reputable Winnipeg movers that offers a variety of residential moving and commercial moving services, to make its customers feel safe when they choose us. We aim for excellence by providing affordable moving services in Winnipeg. Starting with highly trained, competent, and courteous movers, our services interact with each component of your pass to ensure that you arrive at your destination without having to raise a finger. Our courteous customer service representatives are always ready to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming movements, current movements, or future activities with our company.

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Fj machado

Winnipeg • October 23, 2021

They helped us through a difficult move their rates were reasonable and service was curious and professional.


Cathy MacKenzie

Winnipeg • October 16, 2021

This is the 3rd time we have used these guys. They are fast, and reliable. Covid ready. Very respectful. If you want high quality movers for a lower price this is the way to go



Why should I use Ez Moves?

Moving can give you worry and leave you frustrated. EZ moves provides you ease by ensuring your relocation is well-organized.

Is Ez Moves licensed?

We are a fully certified, insured, and bonded moving company in Winnipeg that follows all the rules and regulations.

Should I schedule my move in advance?

Ideally, you should schedule a week prior to your exact moving date. So, you can plan your move ahead of time.

Aiming to Single Moving Destination

Home Moving

Our expert wrapping and shifting tactics will take the stress out of your family's transition to a new home. Our Movers in Winnipeg are experts in all types of residential relocations. Our best moving company in Winnipeg, who is used to cramped spaces and small doorways, will do everything it takes to get you from full and fragile packing of your household items to moving it to the new building.

Business Moving

Either it comes to your business, time is money, and we understand the value of efficiency when moving a single office or an entire building. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is our driving force and a significant portion for our commercial enterprise. We, being from the best moving companies in Winnipeg, customize a whole new movement system with specific dollies and shoulder straps to ensure that your operation runs smoothly.

Packing Service

Packing and unpacking is time consuming, cautious, and requires a lot of effort. Our domestic packing and unpacking while moving in Winnipeg might include packing all of your belongings, giving you the materials you need to pack, safely moving all of your belongings to the new location. Allow our professionals who are working in Ez Moves - packers and movers company winnipeg to assist you with all of your packing and unpacking needs to save you time and stress!

What Included in Your Move?

  • Couches and Chairs - blanketed and shrink-wrapped.
  • Tables are dismantled and blankets wrapped around them.
  • Mattresses - individually wrapped and stored in special bins.
  • Disassemble the armoire and wrap it in blankets and cardboard to protect the glass.

  • Lamps - kept in a lamp container.
  • Hanging Clothes - Stacks of them in the dresser field.
  • Electronics - In a cardboard box, wrapped and packed.
  • LEDs - wrapped and delivered in a plasma box.
  • Computers - In a cardboard container, wrapped and boxed.
  • Paintings - In a cardboard field, wrapped and packed.
  • Small Sculptures - In a cardboard image carton, wrapped and packed.
  • Glass/Marble - Items up to 4 feet in length made of glass or marble are cardboard created.

  • Corners -To prevent scuffing, we put safety on corners at both your departure location and your new home.
  • Hallways - To avoid any damage to the partitions, we secure them before shifting goods inside and outside of your home.
  • Floors - When we arrive on moving day, we lay down Masonite to protect the floors from being scraped.

  • All the labor and travel costs are included in the price of EZ moves, so you don't have to worry about surprise expenses at any time during your journey.

6 Reasons To Choose EZ Moves

For the past years, EZ moves is one of the best Movers in Winnipeg and has specialized in the domestic and commercial move. We've perfected what we do: moving folks about the arena, thanks to our enjoyment and growth over the years.

Excellence of Our Staff

EZ moves can assist you with every aspect of your move, from packing to storage and moving services. Our weekly training sessions ensure that our movers are well-versed in the ins and outs of relocation. We equip our Winnipeg movers with the tools they need to be the best crews in the business, including top-of-the-line centers and on-site massage services.

Experience and Professionalism

Our packers are specifically trained to employ tactics that ensure outstanding safety for every item to be transferred. We are always moving forward to fit our solutions to our clients' developing needs. FAIM and ISO 9001 excellent standards are followed in these packing strategies. Our experience and professionalism help us in providing timely and smooth moving services Winnipeg.

Professional Packing Services

Packing wisely is vital for any move. Our knowledge and specific approach to packing ensures that your valuables are transported safely throughout your move. Because we consider each item to be unique, we use a customized packing and wrapping technique to ensure that all of your items are handled with care.

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Price Guaranteed

As a business-to-business moving company in Winnipeg, we provide you a flat rate with no hidden fees, based on what you're moving and the distance you'll be traveling. From estimate to actual cost, we maintain a quote accuracy of more than 99%. Our price includes all the charges for distance, staff, tolls, and taxes.


We follow strong quality and safety control structures so that our clients may be confident in the security of their items and the information they provide. EZ moves has established security principles and employs specific safeguards to protect your results, information, and people.

On-Time Pickup and Drop Off

We have a revolutionary planning system and an unwavering commitment to on-time delivery. We give guaranteed transport dates for long-distance relocation to ensure that your pass is completed properly and on time. Just get a Quote from the best moving company in Winnipeg, you will find us on time and your belongings will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

Move Perfectly

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